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DevState Home Screen Shot

Hi there, devstate.net is nearly ready to launch.  The above preview is a screenshot of our homepage circa October 22 2013, you saw it here first!  In the next few days we still need to tweak the look and feel, along with fine tuning the demos and copy.

We are planning on giving a free set of workshops this November in Brussels Belgium, to test our key material before charging customers for our workshops.  Stay tuned if interested, we’ll be giving the dates and location in the next few weeks!

Just a quick anecdote about the beginnings of Devstate. In 2010 Sakri proposed DevState as a name to what was to be stackandheap. Turns out the latter was agreed to be more suited for a company delivering enterprise software.  Devstate was inspired by Run DMC’s “Devistating Mic Control”.

After working on large applications for the past 6 years, Sakri needed a change. Combining his interest in graphical programming, teaching, socializing and travelling, it was pretty much a no-brainer.  In September Sakri started to shoot the idea at close contacts and after encouraging feedback he decided to go for it.  At this time his friend Frank sent an email just wondering what was going on.  Sakri briefly explained the concept and within minutes Frank replied :

I kinda like your workshop idea, think that really could work out. Doing lotsa HTML5, Javascript for Psykosoft imo makes me kinda sensitive in that direction too. Let me know when you are aiming for Germany, we could do a workshop together and ‘rule’ da German market :)

Honestly – I think it´s a very good idea! (Would love to join some how… ;) )

And the rest as they say is history.  Within days Frank designed the logo.  We wanted something between a skateboard company and a U.S. style university logo. Since then we’ve worked on the site and set up our social media platforms. We’ve designed a group of demos with the aim of teaching Canvas and WebGL along with key programming concepts which have been indispensable to us in the past.

We’re both super excited about getting this show on the road so, keep the state devving :D

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